Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA) - Zion

n 1944 a small group of believers felt they could not continue in membership of the church they were at. They met together in the home of Mr Isaac Stehouwer for some months and then found a suitable place in the ladies literary club which they rented from them for the Sunday services (they met in one of their homes during the week). 1945 was a year never to be forgotten by them, many trials came upon them and some of their number were taken. In 1947 they were formed into a church by Mr Sumsion of Cleveland, Ohio, whose church was affiliated with the Gospel Standard Churches in England.The Church became acquainted with a Strict Baptist minister in Canada and he became pastor in 1952. After a time they bought there formed church in Richmond Street and they held their first Sunday services in September 1952. Mr E Knight from Colerne in England became pastor in November 1960. He was succeeded by Mr J K Stehouwer in 1976 until his retirement in 2018.