Garnham, Sydney (1899-1980)

Born in Hackney, London, February 2nd 1899, passed away November 14th 1980. His obituary in the Gospel Standard magazine for May 1981 p156 records many difficulties in his younger life but eventually he became Pastor at Derby Road Chapel, Croydon in September 1942. In 1964 after a long season of exercise he was brought to realise his work at Derby Road was finished and in a remarkable way he was led to becoming Pastor at Abbey Chapel, Abingdon that same year. His recognition services are included in the Heritage Sermons collection. (Search under Abingdon, 4th October 1964). Difficulties within the church during 1970 forced him to resign and he joined the church at Grove (Berkshire). There then began a most God honouring and profitable ministry among the local churches and his name was added to the Gospel Standard list of ministers. Most of the sermons published here are from this period.