Choteau - Old Paths

The congregation at 'The Old Paths' was originally organised as Netherlands Reformed Congregation (NRC) in 1954 by Louie and Nina Bouma. They first met in an old hall in the country located northwest of Choteau, Montana. The services consisted of read sermons,with NRC ministers periodically giving a preaching service two or three times a year. In 1975 the congregation built a new church building which remains in use today. After many disagreements, the Choteau congregation left the NRC in 1976, and became simply 'The Reformed Congregation'. At this time, Henry Bouma was called to the ministry and pastorate. Eventually the Lord brought him to the spiritual knowledge of the truth concerning believer's baptism. The complete church was transformed from sprinkling babies to the scriptural practice of believer's baptism. The congregation joined in with the Gospel Standard Strict Baptists in 1986, and became known as 'The Old Paths Strict Baptist Church'.
Text and photo courtesy of Alan Rayner