Nottingham - Hope

In 1815, some friends met in George Street Chapel and then in a room in Thurland Street in about 1850. Mr Henry Smith, High Sheriff of Nottingham and his wife, Lady Lucy Smith, being the chief promoters and leaders of these meetings. They moved again to a Chapel in Spaniel Row in 1873, and Mr Coughtrey was one of the ministers who supplied there. The friends asked him to become the irregular minister, but he felt he could only comply if they were formed into a New Testament church order - this was done in 1878. When the congregation had to vacate the Chapel in Spaniel Row, they started to meet in a Masonic Hall until Chaucer Street Chapel was built in 1881.In 1980, the council announced plans to build a new Magistrate's Court on the Chaucer Street site and, after some years of on-going debate between the council and the Courts, the present Chapel was opened in 1987.
Text and photo courtesy of Alan Rayner.
The chapel closed in 2016.