Broome, Leonard Robert James (1905-1986)

Pastor at Southampton from 1940 to 1986, Leonard Broome commenced his ministry in 1932. He was born in London and brought up at Farnborough, Hants, where he attended Cove Chapel. He moved to Bournemouth in 1923 and joined the church there in 1926 (having been baptized with his mother by Harvey Carr at Southampton as there was no chapel building at Bournemouth then). He then moved to Southampton in 1945 when World War 2 ended. He was editor of the Friendly Companion Magazine from 1965 until 1984 (having previously edited the Little Gleaner Magazine) and served on the Gospel Standard Committee for many years. Died September 6th 1986 aged 81. Obituary in Gospel Standard 1988 p382