Falkner, Leslie Walter (1904-1985)

Held pastorates at Claygate (1927-35); Cave Adullam, Blackheath (1936-1950, 1966-76), Leeds (1983-85). He itinerated mainly in Sussex in the 1950s and Wiltshire in the late 1970s.

Mr Falkner was born in Croydon and died at Leeds. He attended Zion chapel, New Cross, Brixton Tabernacle and Derby Road, Croydon in childhood and youth. He was baptized in 1920 at New Cross by Leonard Hills and soon after began preaching while still in his teens in the south London docks and public houses. He began regular preaching in 1925 from Derby Road, Croydon. In 1927 he commenced his first pastorate of four during his life, with periods of itinerant preaching between. During the war years he had a large congregation at Blackheath. There are a few recorded sermons from his second pastorate there, and some when he was preaching amongst the Wiltshire chapels. In his latter few years at Leeds all of his sermons were recorded.
A short biography and selection of sermons, *Preaching the Kingdom of God", may be purchased from Lulu.com.