Delves, Stanley (1897-1978)

Was born 28th November 1897 and passed away 4th March 1978 aged 80. He first pr…

Durbidge, Clement (1910-1967)

Pastor at Worthing.

Falkner, Leslie Walter (1904-1985)

Held pastorates at Claygate (1927-35); Cave Adullam, Blackheath (1936-1950, 196…

Farley, J John (1903-1980)

Pastor at Tenterden.

Farley,Vernon (1912-1984)

Pastor at Smallfield.

Field, Jabez (1924-1991)

Pastor at Lamberhurst.

Field, Joseph E. (1913-1979)

Pastor at Sedgley, Arcal Street.

Garnham, Sydney (1899-1980)

Born in Hackney, London, February 2nd 1899, passed away November 14th 1980. His…

Gosden, Frank (1890-1980)

Pastor at Brighton.

Gosden, John C (1911-1996)

Pastor at Southborough.

Gosden, John H (1863-1964)

Pastor at Maidstone.

Green, John (1908-1988)

Pastor at Shaftesbury Ave London 1956-1978

Hawkins, Gordon (1925-2003)

Pastor at Wattisham.

Hill, James (1911-1983)

Pastor at Watford for over 20 years and latterly at Luton, Ebenezer.